AGM & BBQ Social

 I would like to thank everyone who came to the hall yesterday evening to enjoy our delicious BBQ Social!  Congratulations to all the winners of the door prizes!  All winners have their goodies!  

As my 2014-2015 term comes to a close, I’m excited to thank all the individuals who made our AGM successful!

The new board for 2015-2016

President – James Harris

Vice President- Patrick Iles

Secretary – Dani Dallaire

Treasurer – Brenda Neville

Community Ice Coordinator- Darryl Gagnon

Community Garden Coordinator- Jocelyne Lankreijer

Events Coordinators – Michelle Lamarche – Member at Large

                                     – Holly Matchem – Member at Large

Seniors Outreach Program Coordinator- Ashley Fast

Rental Coordinator – Jocelyne Lankreijer


We are still actively looking for:

Webmaster/online communications, community sports coordinator, community kitchen coordinator, fundraiser and a senior liaison for the senior outreach coordinator.
As always Members at Large help in whatever time, skill, talent, & ability they can and we are happy to add all volunteers to this incredible group of individuals!

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