Hall Rentals

The PVCC hall capacity holds 150 people. It seats 120 people comfortably at 2’x6′ tables that are provided. You’ll notice from the photos of the hall (below) that it is kept in great condition, clean, and updated with built-in sound system and wifi. PVCC also comes equipped with an industrial kitchen, serving bar, as well as table and chairs.

Those renting the hall are welcome to bring in any decorations to suit their event.

General Use:

Hall/Kitchen/Bar ($525)
Weekend Rental: Fri 5:00 p.m. – Sun 11:00 a.m. OR Sat 8:00 a.m. – Sun 11:00 p.m.
Upper Hall Rental – Main Hall/Kitchen/Bar ($40/hr x ______ = ______ )
Lower Hall Rental ($25/hr x ______ = ______ )
Kitchen ONLY ($35/hr x ______ = ______ )
5-Hour Rental Special: Main Floor Hall/Bar ($150)
5-Hour Memorial: Main Floor Hall/Bar ($100)
Other Options (require written/signed authorization)
Other Fee(s): Please Specify

Ongoing Program Rental – see attached schedule/invoice for details
DAMAGE DEPOSIT ($250) will be returned within 14 days after event
Cash or Credit ONLY $250

Rental Info:

  • Deposit fee is $250.00 – due at the time of your rental.
  • $100/hr/person cleaning charge will be applied if necessary and will be debited from the security deposit prior to any refund.
  • Your rental payment is due at the time of booking/upon signing the contract.

Liquor License & Insurance:

A Liquor Permit/Licence & PAL Liability Insurance is mandatory when alcohol comes on PVCC premises – serving alcohol for sale or not – and can be purchased on-line/telephone (1-800-265-8098 ext: 221) or from an insurance broker. The proof is required before entrance is allowed, even with a signed contract.

Please check the calendar (below) for availability and always contact us for confirmation of available dates. The hall coordinator is Garry. He can be contacted via email parklandvillageccrental@gmail.com or by calling 780-298-9155.

PVCC 2017 Rental Contract

(Free “Adobe” PDF  reader downloadable at Download here







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